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Stunning Fashion Accessories for Every Woman and Occasion

Stunning Fashion Accessories for Every Woman and Occasion

Accessories can give a completely different tone to any apparel, upgrading or downgrading it. With this modern fashion craze and the market with tons of jewellery, bags and watches to choose from, it is crucial to get familiar with the basic guidelines on how to choose the accessories that will complement your outfit properly. The good taste always reveals itself through the details, and here is how to make those details work in your favour.

Rock a watch

Practical and always trendy, a good watch is something you should certainly invest in. If you don’t find a perfect watch in a store or jewellery shop, the endless possibilities are, of course, online. When it comes to watches, there are a few simple rules to get you orientated. Smaller ones, with thinner straps, generally look elegant on your wrist and are appropriate for formal occasions. Bigger watches are a bit more urban and convenient for everyday style. The materials also matter – metal or leather is for the working environment and a fancy time while other materials fall within the casual frames. If you are up to the top extravaganza and retro vibe, a pocket watch is what you are looking for.

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Carry style in your handbag

Can you imagine your life without a handbag? No lady actually can! We need to fit our phones, wallets, makeup, perfumes and other essential pieces somewhere. A classic leather handbag is always a clever choice for the office. Neutral or dark colours are completely appropriate. If you are usually carrying too much stuff, feel free to pursue a big bag. Casual everyday activities could be accompanied by sling or messenger bags, while afternoon coffee dates or shopping time can be saved by regular tote bags. For formal occasions, parties, weddings or dinners in restaurants, you’ll want to carry a smaller bag so you wouldn’t have to drag it all around. That’s the right time for clutch bags!

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Hide your glances behind the sunglasses

Practical, necessary and very often even glamorous, sunglasses are a total must-have. Before purchasing your perfect pair, you need to figure out what type of sunglasses fit your face shape. Round and oval faces are softened by rectangular shapes, and enhanced by round shapes, while diamond and square faces are softened with round and enhanced by square shapes. When you decide which shape should you get and start lurking the market, you should also pay attention to the quality of glasses and their ability to protect your eyes from the UV rays. When the perfect sunglasses are in front of your eyes, you need to remember how to wear them. For instance, it is rude to wear them during a conversation. Also, wearing them during the night will make others believe you are an eccentric lady (or even a rock star).

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Walk grace in designer shoes

Wearing designer shoes is not only a matter of prestige and luxury, but also, even more importantly, a matter of comfort. Two most radical types of footwear that should be 110% comfortable are sneakers and shoes for formal occasions. Imagine yourself jogging… Sweaty and tiresome, isn’t it? It is even more difficult in bad sneakers! Now imagine yourself at a cocktail party. You are gorgeous. Your high heels are stunning. And they hurt like hell! They came with a discount but the price is your comfort. Once you get those properly made designer shoes with high, thin heel, you will feel how they pay off at every party.

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Flaunt your stylish earrings

You can achieve much with your earrings – from highlighting your hairstyle to complementing your clothing combination. Currently, the silver earrings are a bigger hit than the gold, while popular models and sizes vary. Regardless of the current trends, the golden rule is to wear smaller, not too flashy earrings at work, and save the big ones for other occasions. Extravagant big earrings with crystals or gems are perfect for formal parties, while imitation jewellery works perfectly in any casual circumstances.

Photo: Mary Jean

Flash your stunning rings

Just like with earrings, silver is more popular than gold when it comes to rings, too. Rings are easy to match with different outfits, and considering their size, you cannot be too wrong, even when you don’t choose the right one. However, it is crucial to match them with other jewellery you are wearing. It primarily means you shouldn’t combine, for instance, a gold necklace and silver ring. In casual times, you can play with your style and maybe discover some local handmade rings. If you are into the glamour of the big rocks on the ring, prepare for all the “when is the wedding” questions.

Photo: Mary Jean

We hope these guidelines are helpful. Here is a final rule for you: experiment! Knowing all of the content above, you are ready to go a step beyond the common fashion and follow your own trends regarding accessories.

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