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Timeless Fashion Statements

Timeless Fashion Statements

We all have those pieces of clothing that we love but deep down we know it’s long overdue to throw them out. Well, if you want to know what’s still in and will always be, take a look at this list!

The Topgallant 90s Trends

Fashion changes speedily, yet, some parts of the runway history seem to be eternal. Is it nostalgia? Is it because these popular garments are really so universal? Doesn’t matter, they’re here to stay and we all love them! We present you with a list of top trends we followed back in the 90s and still sport them nowadays. 

Floral Prints

We use them to blend with the spring nature and get into that easy breezy mood or to paint the winter in brighter tones. Present in all forms of clothes and accessories, these prints ruled for an entire decade. Pay attention to the window shops of your favourite boutiques, fashion magazines, Instagram profiles, streets, and finally, check your own wardrobe. Floral prints are blooming everywhere! It is best to pair them with neutral colours so the flowers would be in the spotlight they deserve.

Photo: JanaS

Double Denim

This vintage fashion of denim on denim looks modern and still easy to pull off. From top models to celebrities, everybody was following this trend. The first rule of pairing denim with denim is a balance.  The second rule is… well, balance. The lighter the denim the more it will draw attention to the body area it covers and the darker shades create a slimming effect. Pick the lighter or darker shade of denim according to your figure type.

Photo: Daily Mail

Polka Dots

Truth to be told, the polka dot garments were popular way before the 90s. Just remember the pin-up style of the 50s, where polka dots were all over women’s wardrobes. They had their big revival in the 90s and here they are again, accentuating our feminine and youthful looks. But wearing polka dots without looking like a cosplay enthusiast is just not easy. Keep it low and maybe start with some polka dots on blouses and shirts or scarves. Pair them up with mono-colour garments and you already have a compliment-enticing outfit. Some stylish pin up dresses with small polka dots can also look hot.

Photo: News356


When you are pursuing a bit of edgy, punk look saying “don’t mess with this rebel”, a military-style outfit can get you in that position in a second. Camouflage tops or pants; green, olive and brown tones plus some darker vests will highlight your powerful side. For a modern touch up, you can style military clothing with denim. For a gentle vibe, camouflage pants go perfectly with a white collared shirt.

Photo: Pinterest


Fashion minimalism in the 90s? Doesn’t ring a bell? While we mostly remember the 90s as a colourful decade of craziest designs, it has its simple moments as well. French designers of the time started minimalistic tendencies, promoting one-colour garments and simple designs. This fashion keeps coming back due to its practicality and universality.

Photo: Pinterest

Little Black Dress

Amazingly, this type of apparel is an absolute favourite of numerous women who have completely different styles in general. It’s simply a classic, convenient for many formal and casual occasions, making our figure look really attractive. We bet you already have your version of this precious garment as an irreplaceable fashion companion.

Photo: CMS Events

Animal Prints

This evergreen fashion tendency looks great on women who are wild and free, elegant, eccentric, authentic… To cut the story short – it’s made for everyone. Leopard, zebra, tiger or even bird close-up prints are a bold fashion detail drawing attention. Make sure not to draw too much (negative) attention and don’t overdo it with the animal prints. Matching two different prints can look silly. If you are new to this trend, start with animal print accessories and see where it will take you.

Photo: FashionTasty


How could anyone even believe mini-skirts are out of trend? They are back this season, big style! Those pieces you fell in love with in the 90s flicks (remember those denim minis?) are on the runway again, offered by renowned fashion designers to be worn along with contrast tops and pieces. This garment isa time machine, practical both in terms of aesthetics and occasions.

Photo: Corina Apres-Midi


This garment is one of the most feminine and elegant pieces you can wear every day. Highlighting gentle beauty, it originates from the rich Indian culture where it is a traditional costume. What makes saree so practical is the fact that it is a complete outfit itself, so you don’t have to spend hours thinking of a perfect combination. Sarees come in a wide range of colours and hues and with rich embellishment so your looks will be definitely noticed. Designer sarees became popular all over the world, including the world of celebrities, too. Have you already seen Angelina Jolie wearing it? To complete the folk style, reach for some traditional Indian jewellery.

Photo: Outfit4girls

The Navy Look

Navy-inspired style, present throughout the past decades and still attractive today, is just like the military style, inspired by uniforms. It brings the magical combination of dark blue and white, and nowadays you can style it in the form of elegant navy jackets, some of them with gold button, and flawlessly white shirts. It is a simple way of carrying the sea breeze wherever you go.

Photo: Glamradar

There you have it! Clothing items within these categories will sure to become your staple items, and why not, they’re always in fashion.

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