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Workplace Attire: What should you wear?

Workplace Attire: What should you wear?

How often have you heard someone say “dress for success”? We couldn’t agree more! Research has shown that people are judged by their cover, so why deny it? Think about two hotels being compared to each other – they both have the same amenities, but the aesthetics and ambience of the establishments differ. One is open, modern, fresh and clean. The other is cramped, dull and has a funky damp smell! Which would you choose? The same applies to people – the amenities are your skills and the aesthetics and ambience is your image and persona.

Your image could be the deciding factor on whether you get that promotion or close the deal on a major contract. You probably have some basic clothing guidelines to follow when it comes to your work but you can always keep your style interesting to help leave a good impression and, more importantly, to feel good while working.

Even though finding the perfect business apparel might be challenging sometimes, there are some basic rules for every type of workplace. This article will help you to power up on self-confidence and flawless style the next time you walk into your office or workplace.

  1. Casual workplace – casual clothing

So you work in an office a relaxed atmosphere, where the dress code is not so strict. Great! This means you can focus on comfortable clothing, however, the lines between laid-back casual and business casual have blurred.

Yes, business casual vastly differs from laid-back casual. Regular jeans and T-shirt might not always be the best idea in the office. Comfortable sweaters, elegant pants or trousers, everyday dresses, flat footwear, on the other hand, give you enough space to achieve both stylish looks and coziness. Keep in mind you can always enhance your clothing choices by adding some impressionable accessories. Your potential business partners might not remember your turtleneck but they will surely notice that silver bracelet you love to wear or signature cufflinks.

Casual styling also depends a lot on the colours of your clothes, too. If you want to keep your style both professional-looking and casual, you might want to get more pastel or moderately dark to dark clothing items. That doesn’t mean other colours or prints should not be worn – all in moderation!

  1. Keeping it casual in a small business environment

Being self-employed or working in a small business in general probably gives you the highest level of fashion freedom. However, even in such environment, your dress style says a lot about your personal brand and your business. Your image could indirectly mean the difference between securing or losing a potential client or a new contract. Whatever you decide, make sure you tailor the dress code to the specific needs of your company and its mission.

  1. Formal business wear for company professionals

Representing your company comes with a dose of fashion responsibility. It means you dress to impress the clients you meet and it means your style should speak positively of your professional skills. You have many options to choose from and achieve that perfect expert style.

For women – formal knee-length shift dresses combined with classy pantyhose, or power suits and collared shirts a staple. Add a splash of colour and print that reflects your individuality, but don’t go overboard. For some occasions, you might want to choose silk blouses and wear fancy jewellery such as pearl necklaces.

For men – a well-tailored suit and crisp shirts will take you a long way. Chinos and shirts should be reserved for casual Friday or golf days. You will wear a tuxedo to a gala dinner, not a client meeting. Velvet jackets are reserved for a night out of fancy occasions.

In an article by Elle on dressing for success, they too point out the effectiveness of your persuasion and authority is directly impacted by how you dress. The smartness of your appearance and the relate-ability of it is vital to establishing authority and camaraderie-ship.

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